About Ashley & Tim

We met and started dating in our home state of Massachusetts shortly after graduating college in 2008. Tim helped me transition from city girl to outdoor enthusiast, and over the next few years we camped and hiked all over New England. In 2013, we needed a change, so we quit our jobs, packed up our stuff, and moved sight unseen to a place we heard could offer us more: Colorado. Colorado gave us endless hiking opportunities, dirt roads to explore, and all the mountain vistas one could ask for. Throughout our five years there, we bought our (first)house, got married, and collected all sorts of dogs, friends, and amazing memories.


We first started talking about a great American road trip when we were in our 20s. After housing prices began skyrocketing in the Denver area, we realized that dream could become reality. So we saved and planned for months, and in spite of a bumpy start, here we are. Our house is sold, the remainder of our possessions are in storage, and we are now living in a slide-in truck camper full-time with three dogs. It's probably too early to tell you how amazing it is, but so far... it feels pretty darn nice.



We pulled Rigby from a high kill shelter in Tennessee hours before his time was up in 2012. He was a six month old stray whose tendency to “hug” people afforded him an extra week at the shelter. When we went to pick him up from his transport, we gathered around with a bunch of others to collect our bundles of rescue joy. One by one they called people's names and they took their quiet little babies off the trailer. When they called our names, Rigby came barreling off the transport trailer like a bucking bronco. He was (is) a stubborn, somewhat insane puppy who found joy in pooping on the trainer's floor and only listening when it suited him, but he quickly became the center of our world anyway. Today, at 6 years old, his stubborn insanity has dwindled, replaced instead by a sweet, snuggly boy who loves what we call “Baby Adventures” (trips to the park, camping, etc), corn cobbing his stuffies, and protecting us from those evil squirrel things. He likes to think he's the boss, but knows that he falls third in the pack pecking order (girls rule!) and is still afraid of big bad cats. Oh, and he still “hugs” us any chance he gets.


Nicknames: Bubba/Bubbie/Pubba, Mr. Pubs, Riggles, Mistah Paw, Baw with the Paw, Ribby, Frisbee, Mischaw, Paw with the Slaw, Drubba, Mr. Boy, Buppy Puppy, Rigaboo, Rugby



We weren't in the market for another dog when Marley came along in 2014. In fact, we were in the market for our first house. But, we happened to be at a fair where Rigby's best friend Lexi was doing a dock jump and a few rescue leagues were adopting out dogs. I (Ashley) happened to notice a pretty brindle doggo in a pen with some puppies; I had to go see her. When I climbed in to meet her, she crawled over to me and put her head in my lap. So I went to find Tim and tell him there was a little girl he should really go meet. When he went to sit with her, she happened to put her head right in his lap as well. That day, we became a family of 4. Now at 4 years old, Marley is a sweet, fluffy, love bug who takes the role of pack protector very seriously and tends to be most people's favorite. She's the most agile and athletic of our crew and is happy to let you know when you're being slow. Although it took Rigby a long time to accept that he was no longer an only child, the two of them are now two peas in a pod and do all of their exploring together. 


Nicknames: Miss Baby, Guppy Girl, Little Babes, Baby Boops, Mawrey, Mars Bars, Moo Moo, Little Goo, “Daddy's beautiful baby girl”



Our little rat dog. Little Chew Chew was certainly a surprise acquisition. In late September 2016, we were off on a weekend excursion to the middle of nowhere. After leaving late on Friday and getting stuck in traffic, there we were on a dirt road, near nothing, trying to find a spot to camp at 10:30 at night when we spied something in the road. After a thrilling chase up a hill, I got her safely back to the car and gave her some food and warmth, at which point she relaxed enough to release her bowels all over me. Turns out it was a scraggly mess of a dog who, due to an uncanny resemblance to the Star Wars character, would later be named Chewbacca. We made her a makeshift diaper and she fell into a deep slumber in the back of the truck bed with us; she hasn't slept anywhere other than our bed since. We brought her to the vet to find that she was pretty badly injured. One entire side of her pelvis was folded over, and the vet thought it was likely that she was abused and dumped. While she's still skittish at times, with some patience and love she was able to heal and come out of her shell. She now runs the household and freely reminds her siblings when they step out of line, and lets us know anytime she isn't getting the attention she feels she deserves. Besides her (at times) bratty attitude, she's the easiest dog to be on the road with. She's perfectly happy napping beside me, but when I move, she's right at my heels. Even though she is most definitely momma's girl and sees me as her safety net, no one excites her quite like her daddy :)


Nicknames: Goosh, Lil Chew, Shoe Biscuit, Mush, Goosh Goosh, Chew Chew, Smush